Sanctuary - Walking Map


JBO Sanctuary is a park-like grouping of outdoor spaces that serves as the permanent home to many RLBlaffer Foundation public gifts. It’s just a couple of blocks from New Harmony’s historic downtown with locally-owned shops, galleries and a host of snack and dining options. The New Harmony Inn & Conference Center is also located on the Sanctuary grounds.

Park your car for an hour or a week and soak up one-of-a-kind experiences in Blaffer Sanctuary.

View all RLBlaffer gardens, sculptures, gardens and historic structures, JBO Sanctuary Features.

Locations on walking map

Guest Houses & Retreat Center

1. The MacLeod Barn Abbey
2. Poet’s House
3. Barrett-Gate House
4. Mother Superior House

Fountains, Gardens & Structures

5. Cathedral Labyrinth
6. Chapel of the Little Portion
7. Carol’s Fountain of Life
8. Roofless Church


9. Paul Tillich Park
10. Shalev: Angel of Compassion
11. St. Francis and the Birds
12. Shrine of Our Lady, Queen of Peace

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