Teach, Learn, Gather


RLBlaffer Foundation has created — and is committed to maintaining — an environment that invites and supports creative partners to do their best work and connect with their highest gifts. That environment includes media-specific work spaces, formal and informal presentation settings, art galleries and performance venues, both indoors and out. The park-like setting and welcoming community in the historic village of New Harmony are uniquely suited for artists and creatives who seek a mix of feedback and uninterrupted focus.

RLBlaffer Foundation has a rich history of providing in-kind support for artists, writers, scholars and theologians, encouraging them to work onsite or enjoy a professional retreat in New Harmony. Among them was Theologian Paul Tillich who was a resident at Mother Superior guesthouse in the mid-1960s and abstract impressionist John Hubbard who worked on a book of prints during his stay at The Poet’s House. The Foundation’s Barn Abbey was the site of an annual Benedictine retreat for many years.
The RLBlaffer Board of Directors has bestowed the title of JBO Fellow to individuals living, as well as posthumously, who have made outstanding contributions to the Foundation’s spiritual landscapes and sacred places and contributed their time, artistic talents, and resources so these places will continue to be sustained, protected, enhanced and moved forward into the next century.

In addition to in-kind support, Blaffer Foundation provides limited matching grants to its existing partner organizations. They do not accept unsolicited grant requests.

Projects we support

New Harmony Clay Project
The New Harmony Project
New Harmony Music Festival & School
Dulcimer Chautauqua On the Wabash
The New Harmony Artists Guild